… there is no other Country in the world so densely packed with attractions of every kind not far from each other, to be tasted through the variety of its traditions, monuments, folklore, poetry and gastronomy.

What will enchant… vineyards and castles, gardens and quaint villages, verdant hills anf forest all within an easy reach. Italy summer climate and mild winter temperatures along with the beautiful sunny days, make the tourist season an all-year-long affair. Towering mountain peaks covered with perennial snow, fine ski slopes and scenic lakes as well as long stretches of sandy beaches and blue seas, will fascinate everyone. Last but not least, ART and HISTORY … every town can boast some historical remnant or art treasures.

The “fatal charme of Italy” and its people have enticed visitors to explore this foundamentally jolly, friendly, exciting country which has so much to show and to offer.

Italy is still the most cheerful and pleasant land in Europe and the way to feel better.