Who we Are

Conceptio in itinere  comes from our long-time experience as  travel agents and a big passion for Italy.

Our Incoming Tour Operator is based in Rome and operating all over the Country reserving land services for groups  and individual travellers business or  leisure . Our care is to follow clients’ wishes, organizing for them itineraries they have in mind (and we love helping them in raising one) or for any professional need. Twenty-year experience is our point of force as well as the deep knowledge of the territory, our personal care and attention to every detail,  always in search of new EXPERIENCES for you to live.  We tailor every journey on you, by dispensing our expertise and commitment at your service and, no less important … we are always here for you.

It’s not our work…it’s our passion

Italy is


..is SPIRITUALITY, places of Faith silence and peace, inspirational itineraries, OPERA Arias and music concerts in breath-taking location, is to enjoy the many OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, be one with nature harmony, re-establish contact with yourself, join yoga and stages of MEDITATION or oriental arts in holistic centres tucked away in nature, ballooning over Tuscany or paragliding from our hills…


..is our PASSION, is the motion to follow dreams and attitudes, the sacred fire of ART moving Michelangelo’s hand and inspiring Leonardo Da Vinci, is the world-wide known RED Valentino and our Made in Italy Fashion, fire is the bright red colour of our FERRARI and our knowledge in motors…


..is the Mediterranean see surrounding us, the crystal blue sea of our Islands and Grottos, our Riviera studded by old cities and cliff villages, romantic lake shores, thermal baths, ancient Roman aqueducts and famous fountains, is the continuous flow from Nasone fountains of Rome, a gondola ride along the narrow canals of Venice, is wind-surfing Garda Lake and wild waterfalls cenarios…


..is in our age-old-traditions coming from our fertile soil giving noble wines, excellent raw material, is following new or millennial trekking paths crossing our land, is to relax your eyes on beautiful countryside scenarios, visiting grounds which have been touched before you by Phoenicians, Greeks, Normans and Romans …